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Oriental firm (founded in 2011 in Egypt) is a flavor and Fragrances Company that has a comprehensive line of flavors (for taste, mixes and sauce).

 The company started to produce flavoring agents that are used in the manufacture of chips, snacks and crackers, and then expanded to include the meat and cheese production sector.

In 2016 Oriental started the liquid sector, which includes juices, drinks, biscuits, cakes, croissants, confectionery and chewing gum.

 By the end of 2017, Oriental has to mobilize all the R & D resources to provide high-quality spice blends, flavors and sauces that give you many unique flavors that satisfy customers' needs to reach new flavors in the potato chip industry, spice mixes, meat and fish products also the tomato sauce.

Recently our affiliated company (GOURMET) will be able to produce a fine range of products (tomato paste, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce) and all table additives.

Our company relies on the best international companies and local manufacturers of importing the  raw materials supplying us with high quality substances, where all these materials are selected with precision and strict quality control avoiding quality falling back and to be sure of the  highest standards of the finished product.

 Therefore, the main pillars of the company are:

Meet the needs of clients and offer the best possible service

We work hard to expand the customer base both domestically and internationally.

 In order to reach us please give our website a visit and always ready to hear from you,

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 Chairman of the Board: Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Reda Abdul Ghaffar


Counselor of foreign trade and business development: Dr. Tharwat Faik Gad , whatsapp and phone: 00201066322959